Edge Fill

Edge Fill

Glass-Ionomer Filling Cement

Powder bottle 15.0g Liquid Bottle 10.0ml

Edge Fill is a two-component self-cure glass-ionomer cement for direct restorations of the cavity classes III and V, tunnel preparations, and deciduous teeth. It may also be used as fissure sealant. This product bonds well to the enamel and the dentine and can be polished after 15 min. Edge Fill is radiopaque and releases fluoride into the tooth. This product is available as a flexible powder/liquid system in two different shades (A2 and A3).


Rapid application compared to composite
Application in anterior and proximal contact areas
Long-term biocompatibility
High compressive strength
Excellent adhesion to the dentin and the enamel
For recommended-shaped and abrasion defects, and in deciduous teeth

Technical Specification

Working Time: 90-120s
Setting Time: 180 s
Film Thickness: 10 micrometers
Compressive Strength: 180 MPa
Water solubility: 0.2%
Adhesion to dentin: 4 MPa
Shelf life: 3 years

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