Edge Line

Edge Line

Glass-Ionomer Lining Cement

Powder bottle 15.0g Liquid Bottle 10.0ml

Edge Line is a two-component self-cure glass-ionomer cement with minimal shrinkage during hardening, results in less sensitivity compared to other composite materials. This product is suitable for lining under all kinds of filling materials, direct repair of small lesions and repairing deciduous teeth. It can be used as fissure sealant and shows excellent radiopacity. This product also contains fluoride preventing secondary caries.


Strong adhesion to both dentin and enamel
Remineralization with high fluoride release, preventing secondery caries
High compressive strength
Long-term biocompatibility
Transparent material without negative effect on the filling

Technical Specification

Working Time: 100 s
Setting Time: 180-220 s
Film Thickness: 10 micrometers
Compressive Strength: 180 MPa
Water solubility: 0.2%
Adhesion to dentin: 5 MPa
Shelf life: 3 years

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