Edge Seal (TCS)

Edge Seal (TCS)

Bioceramic Sealer (TCS-Based)

Syringe 3.0 g

EDGE SEAL (TCS) have high tissue compatibility. This product has a very low shrinkage showing superior dimensional stability. Edge Seal (TCS) is hydrophilic and leads to bonding the hydroxyapatite with the dentin wall.


Containing tricalcium silicate
High biocompatibility
Low shrinkage, superior dimensional stability
Bonding the hydroxyapatite with the dentin wall
High antibacterial effect
Homogeneous particle size distribution
Fast setting time
Easy and fast root canal filling
Increased formation of hard tissue
Excellent film thickness
Ready-to-inject paste
Complete apical sealing
Good regenerative ability

Technical Specification

Fast setting time: 10-12 minutes
Easy retrieval with NiTi files
Hermetic apical sealing
High radiopacity
Promotion of hard tissue formation
No postoperative pain after overfilling

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