Endodontics Rotary NiTi Files

The SUPER FILE is an economic endodontics rotary instrument made of high quality controlled memory Nickel Titanium wire with cutting edges and passive tip. SUPER FILE, having progressive taper comes in two colors, blue and gold, provides good flexibility and fracture toughness used to mechanically shape and prepare the root canals during endodontics therapy or to remove the root canal filling material while performing re-treatment. Super-File also shows good resistance against torsional fracture and cyclic fatigue failure, making it suitable for anterior and posterior teeth. Having safe tips, SUPER FILE avoids canal transportation and ledge formation.


Gold system
Treatments of anterior teeth with moderate to mild curved root canals
Treatments of posterior teeth with partially easy root canals
Higher cutting efficiency compared to the blue one

Blue system
Treatment of complex root canals such as curved and narrow and calcified ones
Higher flexibility compared to the gold one

Technical Specification

HV-200 micro-Vickers hardness: >365
Torsional fracture strength: 10.9 mN.m
Fracture degree: >490
Stiffness: 8.0 mN.m

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