Glass Liner

Glass Liner

Light-Curing Lining Material

Syringe 2.0 ml (3.6 g)

Glass Liner is a one-component light-curing, flowable, and radiopaque glass-ionomer lining material. Glass Liner can be used as a lining under all types of filling materials, including composites, amalgams, indirect restorations, extended fissure sealing, and for the treatment of smaller lesions. Glass liner is thixotropic and thereby easy to handle. It also contains fluorides which remineralize the tooth enamel.


Direct and easy injection
Effectively prevents secondary caries
High fluoride release and remineralization
High compressive strength and strong adhesion to dentine
Bacteriostatic effect and high biocompatibility
Sets well under all types of filling materials
Ideal for extended fissure sealing
Thixotropic properties
High radiopacity
Easy handling
Suitable for minimal lesion and cavity preparation

Technical Specification

Density: 1.7-1.8 g/cm3
Compressive Strength: 200 Mpa
Curing depth: 2 mm
Polymerization time: 30 s
Viscosity: 170-290 Pa.s
Shelf Life: 3 years (6 months after opening)

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