Edge Files

Edge Files

Endodontics Rotary NiTi Files

EDGE FILE is an outstandingly flexible endodontics rotary instrument using very high quality NiTi alloy which improves strength and flexibility and makes it suitable for difficult canals. Proprietary heat treatment processing makes the file extremely flexible which reduces the bounce back effect compared to the other NiTi rotary files. In addition, our special electro-polish process increases sharpness and strength of the file which leads to high efficiency in cutting and removing debris. Employment of different tapering systems results in prevention of locking and bringing high quality safe treatment and re-treatment.


Optimum flute diameter for minimally invasive preparation
Maximizes file cutting efficiency due to a very specific cross section and non cutting tip design Increasing sharpness and strength of file using special electro-polishing technique
Reduced handle length for increased posterior access

Technical Specification

HV-200 micro-Vickers hardness: >370
Torsional fracture strength: 10.9 mN.m
Fracture degree: >490
Stiffness: 8.0 mN.m

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