E-Flex Files

E-Flex Files

Endodontics Rotary NiTi Files

E-Flex is a highly flexible endodontics rotary instrument specifically designed to negotiate curved canals shows excellent resistance against torsional fracture and cyclic fatigue failure. E-Flex in two colors, gold and blue, comes in different tapering systems, 0.04, 0.06 and progressive for varying canal anatomies and a great all-round file system. E-Flex provides excellent cutting efficiency and high flexibility, makes it a good choice to reduce ledge formation, apical extrusion and canal transportation. Using different techniques of manufacturing and having variable pitch, E-Flex prevents locking and brings safe treatments.


Gold system
Treatments of anterior teeth with moderate to mild to moderate curved root canals
Treatments of posterior teeth with partially easy root canals
Higher cutting efficiency compared to the blue one

Blue system
Treatment of complex root canals such as curved and narrow and calcified ones
Higher flexibility compared to the gold one

Technical Specification

HV-200 micro-Vickers hardness: >268
Torsional fracture strength: 10.9 mN.m
Fracture degree: >490
Stiffness: 8.0 mN.m

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