Edge Bond

Edge Bond

Universal Bonding Materials 5th Generation

Bottle 5.0 ml

EDGE BOND is a bonding agent for the total-etch technique with excellent adhesion to dentin and enamel. It ensures a secure adhesion between the tooth and composites. The material shows a good flowable consistency and is easy to use. EDGE BOND also adheres on glass-ionomer linings.


Excellent adhesion to dentin and enamel
Resistant to evaporation
Used in the connection between dentin and composite
High bonding strength (13.5 MPa)
Very high permeability
Water tolerant (insoluble in water)
No gaps in the margin areas
Adherance to lining materials including glass ionomer
Easy to use and long-term durability

Technical Specification

Tensile strength: 12 MPa
Notched-edge shear strength: 41 MPa
Curing time: 15-30 s
Viscosity: 0.3-0.8 Pa.s

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