Edge Bond SE

Edge Bond SE

Self Etch Bonding Material 7th Generation

Bottle 5.0 ml

EDGE BOND Self-Etch (SE) is a self-etching, light-curing one-component bonding for adhesive restorations. The material contains methacrylate. One step application of EDGE BOND SE makes it time saving material.


One step etch and bond without prior etching
Elastic connection between tooth and composite
Perfect bonding of composites to dentin, enamel and lining materials, including glass ionomer
Very high permeability
Contains methacrylate
No gaps in the margin areas
Easy to use and long-term durability
Water tolerant (insoluble in water)

Technical Specification

Bonding strength: 13.5 MPa
Viscosity: >0.5 dynamic Pa.s
Curing duration: 10 seconds with 800mW/cm2 power

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