Edge Flow

Edge Flow

Nano-Hybrid Flowable Composite

Syringe 2.0 g

EDGE FLOW is a flowable, light-curing composite for direct restorations of the cavity classes III, IV and V as well as repairs of bis-acrylate materials. EDGE FLOW is thixotropic, which makes it agreeable to handle. The composite does not run away from the place of application while is fluid when manipulated. EDGE FLOW is also nicely polishable and delivers esthetic restorations. The shrinkage is 1.7%, which reduces secondary caries.


Suitable for direct restoration of class lll, lV, V caries
Filling small cavities of class l, ll caries
Filling the anterior areas of the cavity-class lll, lV
Bonding of ceramic and composite restorations
Extended fissure sealing for premolar and molar teeth
Low shrinkage of only 1.7 %, reducing the risk of secondary decay
Light cure
Excellent polishability
Optimal viscosity
Easy repair and very good handeling
Color stability

Technical Specification

Compressive strength: > 80 MPa
Flexural strength: > 5.6 MPa
Flexural modulus: > 80 MPa
Shrinkage: 1.7 %
Curing depth: <2 mm
Color Shades: in accordance with VITA® shade guide *
Ceramic filler: 54% wt
Curing time: 30-40 s

*VITA is the registered trademark of vita-zahnfabrik

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