Blue Edge

Blue Edge

37% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel

Syringe 3.0 ml

BLUE ETCH is in the form of 37% phosphoric acid gel. Blue Etch creates microscopic spaces in the tooth enamel (increasing the surface roughness) which results in very good bonding (micro-mechanical retention). When drying, the etched surface appears white. Blue Etch also removes surface contamination and helps keep tooth enamel moist. (It removes the smear layer and the hybrid layer.)


37% phosphoric acid solution
Gluten and glycerin free
Total-Etch system function
Increasing the bonding strength
Suitable for use before composite, bonding, adhesive and all kinds of sealants
Ideal viscosity and the ability to permeation of all gaps
Not spreading vertically and to unwanted parts
Unique self-limiting chemical characteristic: 2 μm Average depth of penetration within 15 to 20 seconds
Removing quickly and easily with water spray
The possibility of precise deployment in areas with severe access restrictions

Technical Specification

Etching time: 30 sec for enamel and 15 sec for dentin
Depth of etching: 2 μm

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