Porcelain Edge

Porcelain Edge

9.5% Hydrofluoric Acid Etching Gel

Syringe 3.0 ml

PORCELAIN EDGE (containing 9.5 % hydrofluoric acid) is a hydrofluoric acid, which is specifically used to create an etched surface for broken porcelain restorations and all-porcelain restorations. It can also be used to etch ceramic veneers before connecting orthodontic brackets.


Hydrofluoric acid gel 9.5 %
Can be used for: surface etching of veneers, inlays, porcelain and ceramic onlays, broken teeth inside the mouth
Preparation of porcelain surface for stronger bonding with resin and composite
Can be washed quickly and easily with water spray
The possibility of precise deployment in areas with severe access restrictions

Technical Specification

Etching time: 60 sec
Depth of etching: 2 μm

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