Edge Seal Resin

Edge Seal Resin

Resin-Based Root Canal Sealer

Syringe 10.0 g

EDGE SEAL RESIN is a resin based root canal sealer material with excellent sealing ability and excellent biocompatibility. This product is a non-staining material to the resin. Edge Seal shows a good radiopacity and easy handling. As a pre-mixed product, the application is very fast and easy.


More effective obturation in shorter time
Provides a complete, thorough seal
Great radiopacity
Provides syringe delivery to the apical third
Low shrinkage and no gap between the sealer and the canal wall
Low solubility and resistant to breakage over time
Available as double syringes (base and catalyst) with a ratio of one to one
Suitable for side canal filling
Great biocompatibility
Creating a thin layer around gutta percha
Ease of automatic mixing of base and catalyst
No discoloration on teeth
Excellent flowability
Insoluble in tissue fluids
Suitable for sensitive pulps

Technical Specification

Flowability: 22 mm
Setting time: 50 h (at 37 °C)
Film Thickness: 20 μm
Solubility: 0.9%wt

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